About us

Starni Games – we develop strategy, RPG and hardcore PC games

The beginning

Starni Games was founded in 2015 in Kyiv (Ukraine) by Ihor
Tymoshenko – a programmer with 20 years of experience.

In 2012 Ihor together with two like-minded teammates
began to work on a browser MMO game – Starghosts.
The early version became available in 2013, with a full
release in 2015. That is how Starni Games was created.
Next year passed in adding more polish and creating
additional content for the Starghosts project.

Art of the first browser MMO Starghosts
Artwork for the first browser MMO Starghosts
Igor Tymoshenko

Ihor Tymoshenko

The founder of the Starni
Games studio. He wrote his first
game at the age of 12 using
the MK-61 microcalculator

The first title on Steam

In 2017 Ihor gathered a new team to work
on the next big project – the turn-based
wargame – Panzer Strategy.

In March 2018 the game proceeded
to the Early Access phase, with full release
following in August. This was accomplished
with just 5 people on the team.

Artwork for the Panzer Strategy – turn-based strategy game in the setting of World War II

Strategic Mind series

The development and release of Panzer
Strategy provided invaluable experience
and feedback, allowing us to start working
on a new wargame series – Strategic
Mind – without repeating the previous

The new project demanded more people,
and the team grew from 4 to 10 people
in the office, as the work progressed.

Strategic Mind: The Pacific entered an Early
Access phase in April 2019, with full
release following in October. In this project,
we introduced very detailed naval combat
mechanics and a new cinematics production pipeline.

Right after the Pacific release, we started
working on the Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg – the second title in the series. It was meant
as a Panzer Strategy reworked from scratch
within the refined set of mechanics
of the Strategic Mind series. In Spring
2020 we successfully released Blitzkrieg.

The third title – Strategic Mind: Spectre
of Communism was released in November
2020. It shows WW2 from the USSR’s
perspective. Our goal is to allow the players
to experience World War II events from all
major powers’ perspectives.

This leads to our current project – Strategic
Mind: Fight for Freedom. It will have the United Kingdom and the United States campaigns,
covering 1939-1945, plus alternate history operations set in 1946.

Starni Games now

Starns Games team

Currently, we have 15 people on our team.
We work in an open-space office, right
next to each other. This allows us to discuss
all arising issues quickly and make decisions
on the fly, implementing all sorts of innovative
ideas without losing our track.

Right now we are working on the Strategic Mind
series of turn-based strategy games set in WW2,
with alternate history elements. Strategic Mind
titles combine immersive narrative elements,
modern 3D graphics and improved mechanics
of classic wargames.

We create games with an immersive narrative
and deep gameplay. We want you to look
at the events from different perspectives
and welcome critical thinking.


Panzer Strategy

in nomination Best Game on Unreal Engine 4 according to Games’17 Gathering

Strategic Mind: The Pacific

in nomination Best Game on Unreal Engine 4 according to Games’19 Gathering

Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg

in nomination Best Wargame PC 2020 according to How to Game